Jemez Springs Authors

Authors who have called Jemez Springs “home” and their known, published works.

by N. Scott Momaday **

  • Way to Rainy Mountain (Al Momaday, Illustrator)
  • Ancestral Voice: Conversations With N. Scott Momaday
  • The Ancient Child
  • Circle of Wonder: A Native American Christmas Story
  • Enduring Culture: A Century of Photography of the Southwest Indians with Marcia Keegan
  • House Made of Dawn
  • In the Bear’s House
  • In the Presence of the Sun: Stories and Poems
  • The Man Made of Words: Essays, Stories, Passages
  • Angle of Geese and Other Poems
  • The Gourd Dancer
  • The Names: A Memoir

by Rudolfo A. Anaya **

  • The Santero’s Miracle/El Milagro del Santero
  • Roadrunner’s Dance
  • A Chicano in China
  • Bless Me, Ultima
  • Adventures of Juan Chicaspatas
  • Alburquerque
  • Aztlan: Essays in the Chicano Homeland
  • Conversations With Rudolfo Anaya
  • Farolitos for Abuelo
  • The Farolitos of Christmas
  • Jalamanta: A Message from the Desert
  • Maya’s Children: The Story of La Llorana
  • My Land Sings: Stories from the Rio Grande
  • The Silence of the Llano: Short Stories
  • Of Time and Change: A Memoir with Frank Waters
  • Tierra: Contemporary Short Fiction of New Mexico
  • Tortuga: A Novel
  • Una Linda Raza
  • Cultural and Artistic Traditions of the Hispanic Southwest with Angel Vigil
  • Anaya Reader
  • An Elegy on the Death of Cesar
  • Heart of Aztlan
  • Zia Summer
  • Rio Grande Fall
  • Shaman Winter
  • Jemez Spring

by Slim Randles

  • Raven’s Prey
  • Dogsled (Winch)
  • The Long Dark
  • Hot Biscuits (ed.)
  • Ol’ Max Evans: The First Thousand Years

by Noel Bennett

  • Navajo Weaving Way: The Path from Fleece to Rug
  • Genuine Navajo Rug: How to Tell
  • Designing with the Wool: Advanced Techniques in Navajo Weaving
  • Halo of the Sun: Stories Told and Retold with John Running
  • The Weaver’s Pathway: A Clarification of the Spirit Trail in Navajo Weaving
  • Working with the Wool: How to Weave a Navajo Rug

by Kathleen Wiegner

  • Freeway Driving: Poems
  • Country Western Breakdown

by Larry Clutter

  • Blackthorn

by Clint Trafton

  • You Can’t Push a Rope

by Michelle Miller Allen

  • Christmas Blues (edited with Harry Willson & Zelda Gatsukin)
  • Hunger in the First Person Singular
  • The Spirit That Wants Me (edited with Dianne Duff & Jill Kiefer)
  • Journey from the Keep of Bones

by Judith Isaacs

  • Jemez Valley Cookbook
  • Serape VIII (contributed 3 short stories)
  • Serape XIII (contributed 1 essay & 1 short story)
  • Guide to the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway

by Jack Condon

  • Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans
  • by Catherine, Cynthia, James & Vivian Coulter
  • Winging It: A Beginner’s Guide to the Birds of the Southwest

by Irene Wanner

  • Sailing to Corinth

by Ava Leavell Haymon

  • The Strict Economy of Fire (2004)
  • Why the Groundhog Fears Her Shadow (1996)
  • Built in Fear of Heat (1994)
  • Staving Off Rapture (1994)
  • A Name Gift for Every Child (1991)
  • KitchenHeat (1991)

by Betty Ann Craddock

  • The Culling Dark
  • Cerro

by Amber K

  • True Magick: 15th Anniversary Ed. (2006)
  • Pagan Kids’ Activity Book (1986/1998)
  • Covencraft: Witchcraft for Three or More (1998)
  • Moonrise: Welcome to Dianic Wicca (1992)
  • True Magick: A Beginner’s Guide (1990)

by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K

  • Ritualcraft: Rites for Celebration and Transformation (2006)
  • Exploring the Pagan Path: Wisdom from the Elders (contributor) (2005)
  • Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach (2002)
  • Candlemas: Feast of Flames. Llewellyn (2001)

by Alicia Joy Broadhurst

  • “Wish”, in CrossTIME Science Fiction Anthology, Vol. IV (2005)