Schooling At Home & Homeschool Info

What is the difference?

  • If you are schooling at home through a public school that creates lessons, takes attendance, teaches your child, requires you register with a state run school, and provides curriculum it is not home schooling, it is schooling at home. Do not register as a home school with the state.
  • Homeschools are schools led by a parent at home. The parent/guardian creates lessons, teaches lessons, provides curriculum etc. It requires the parent/guardian to register with the state as a homeschool and meet all of the state requirements for home schools.

Schooling at home:

Free State virtual schools (you do not need to register as a home school for these as they are a virtual school district within the state). These are all inclusive virtual schools that allow a student to school at home via internet instead of in a traditional school building.

These two schools have come across our radar. They are often found when searching for free online schools.  They require a parent/guardian to register as a homeschool to use them.


These two schools have come across our radar. They are often found when searching for free online schools.  They require a parent/guardian to register as a homeschool to use them.

Check out a kit from the library

Learning and play kits are now available from from the library (search the catalog for “kit” and sort by location of kit) or lick here for kits as of October 2020. Thank you to the FOL for funding these kits!

Additional Resources & ideas for All – collected from local homeschoolers

Note: This is not designed to be a complete list in any way, use it as a guide or a jumping off point for further research. These suggestions were not generated nor verified by the library and we do not recommend them but rather provide this as a way to communicate between local homeschoolers. The library is happy to help you find other resources as always. If you have ideas to add to share please bring them to the Homeschool Meetup or email the librarian ONLY if you are a local homeschooler or local service provider within Jemez Valley/Mountains.

Links to learning and fun sites, sites for parents, and sites for teachers

  • NM PED parent guide
  • Jemez Pueblo Community Library  
    • Summer programs for tribal members – Towa language teaching
    • Sebco ebooks
  • Canon Community Center
    • Exercise programs for adults (parents need it too J)
    • Willing to partner on events/programs so if you have an idea for something messy or needing a large space that the library can’t host check with Stephanie Witt
    • Space to host tutoring.
  • JVPS –
    • Canning program at the high school – (as of our 2019 information, please contact the school for more information)
  • 4H groups
  • Local field trips/some with potential volunteer opportunities:
    • Aspen Ridge Alpacas
    • Sewer Plant in Jemez Springs (contact operator via Village Office for group tour)
    • Jemez Historic Site
  • Outdoor Opportunities:
    • National parks (Valles Caldera and Bandelier)
    • Fenton Lake
    • trails and campgrounds everywhere
    • Bandelier
    • Check with the USDA Forest service, National Parks, State Parks, and Game and Fish office to see if there are opportunities to learn more about forestry or other aspects of land management.
    • Fish Hatchery (kids fishing day)
  • Local groups which may accept volunteer help and can provide local families with help:
    • Jemez Helping Hands – clothes closet and fundraising activities to support winter heating bills for local residents, Food Pantry – at the Presbyterian Church
    • Animal Amigos –  rescue roaming or injured/abandoned  animals, foster animals, low cost shot & spay clinics
    • Volunteer Fire Departments: LCVFD, JSVFD, PVFD
  • Los Alamos:
    • PEEC (good app for local hiking trails as well as numerous programs for families)
    • Los Alamos Makers
    • Los Alamos Library (Mesa Public and White Rock Branch)
    • Bradbury Museum
    • YMCA
    • Horse Stables may have riding lesson opportunities
    • Dance studios
    • Aquatic Center
    • Ice Skating rink
    • Pajrito ski area
  • Rio Rancho
    • Rio Rancho Parks & Rec has many inexpensive activities including some specific for homeschoolers like PE and Swim team
    • Loma Colorado Main Library
    • Aquatic Center (all year) & outdoor pools (in summer)
  • Albuquerque
    • School time Series at Popejoy
    • School performances/events at National Hispanic Cultural Center (open to all, annual History Day, many other opportunities)
    • Nuclear Museum (science camps)
    • Natural History Museum (docent opportunities for families with older kids)
    • Explora (homeschool classes)
    • Maxwell Museum on UNM campus (summer camps)
    • Geology Museum on UNM campus
    • Rio Grande Nature Center
    • Coronado Historic Site
    • Sandia Mountain Natural History Center
    • Albuquerque Biopark
    • Rattlesnake Museum
    • Holocaust Museum
  • Drivers Ed
    • Cordura Correspondence Driving Course at www.corduradriving .com
    • A handful of brick and mortar drivers ed schools available in Rio Rancho and surrounding areas, please search online for these options.
  • Other:
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