Schooling At Home & Homeschool Info

Schooling at home via Public School vs. Homeschools:

  • If you are schooling at home through a public school that creates lessons, takes attendance, teaches your child, requires you register with a state run school, and provides curriculum it is not home schooling, it is schooling at home and doesn’t require the same as a home school. You don’t register as a home school with the state.
  • Homeschools are schools led by a parent at home. The parent/guardian creates lessons, teaches lessons, provides curriculum etc. It requires the parent/guardian to register with the state as a homeschool and meet all of the stat requirements for home schools.

Free State virtual schools (you do not need to register as a home school for these as they are a virtual school district within the state). These are all inclusive virtual schools that allow a student to school at home via internet instead of in a traditional school building.

These two schools have come across our radar. They are often found when searching for free online schools.  They require a parent/guardian to register as a homeschool to use them.

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