Friends of the Jemez Springs Public Library

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Who We Are.

The Friends of the Jemez Springs Public Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves the Jemez Springs Public Library through volunteer activities and fundraising. We are committed to furthering the cultural and educational programs of the public library and promotion of literacy throughout our community.

Our goals are:

What we do.

How We Help.

  • Fund a portion of the operational expenses for the library that are not covered in the Village budget, allowing the library to be open five days a week.
  • Provide funds for library programming and events such as the annual summer reading program.
  • Help cover costs for supplies, presenter expenses, and other fees, such as movie licenses.
  • Provide funds for occasional other needs not covered by the general budget.
  • Manage the Book Barn, which provides low-cost used books to the community and much needed income for the friends.
  • Support the library with funding for operating costs, collection development and programs.

  • Pay by Check
  • Print and fill in your name and contact info.

    Mail it along with your payment to:

  • Friends of the Library
    PO Box 16
    Jemez Springs, NM 87025

  • Pay Online

Book & DVD Donations.

Thank you for your book and DVD donations to the library!

Local only - Please do not bring books from outside the Jemez Valley without contacting the library first to see if we have the capacity.

We do not accept textbooks, encyclopedia sets older than 5 years, large collections of magazines, nor VHS tapes.

Book donations of three boxes or less will be accepted at the library during operating hours.

Larger donations can be made via arrangement with Friends of the Library volunteer Benjamin Green at paintingpoet13 @

Donations are reviewed for uses such as addition to the library collection, distribution to community bookshelves for local use, selling in the Book Barn or online, or donation to other entities when local capacity is reached.

Donate Your Used Vehicle.

Donate Your Used Vehicle

Have an old vehicle to pass along?

Another way you can help the Friends of the Library is to donate your used vehicle:

  • Call (855) 500-7433 to get started today!
  • Or donate online at

The Friends of the Jemez Springs Public Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Thank you! Your generous donation helps.

Human Sundial Project.

Human Sundial

As part of the Jemez Springs 50th Anniversary Celebration, the Friends of the Library sponsored the construction and installation of a Human Sundial in the Village Park. This unique installation is a lasting gift to the Village and a fund-raiser for the Library.

This ground-level sun clock surface uses a person's own shadow to tell the correct clock time. The sundial is surrounded by a circle of names, each one written in a concrete stone.

For a minimum donation of $15 to the Jemez Springs Library you can add your name or the names of loved ones to the circle.

Entry forms are available at the library, or download the Friends of the Library Human Sundial form here:

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