Library Move Volunteer & Patron Info (last updated 6/7/2024)


  • The building is near completion and we have moved back into the children’s section and conference room! Library services will be a bit unpredictable for a bit after that but feel free to stop in! If you can volunteer to help please see the Volunteers section below for our needs and email or call to let us know how and when you can help – or just show up if you have a short walk or were planning to stop in anyhow, thank you!
  • Library Services were relocated temporarily to the Jemez Springs Community Presbyterian Church Library starting 6/14/2023 and ending Friday May 24, 2024. Thank you to the JSCPC for so generously sharing your space with us!!!!
  • The library main telephone line is back in service! Please use 575-829-9155 to reach us. Our cellphone number is 505-469-3307, or use email or messaging, or just stop in to contact us.
  • Library Events are proceeding! Please see listings in the local newspaper, online on our website/FaceBook/NextDoor, or posted in the library.
  • The following items which were available in the church will be the first available at the library:
    • Children’s books for all ages, Teen books, some new fiction & non-fiction for adult readers, some dvds and audiobooks.
    • Children’s computers for use (not for checkout)
    • laptops for use in the temporary library or for checkout to patrons (see borrowing policy for details).
    • e-readers for checkout to patrons
    • (Note – printing service is temporarily delayed and a part is on order to repair the machine – we will work on another way to print but for now please me patient) printing and copying access, no fax at this time
  • We are currently not accepting items for return nor requests for holds. If you have a pressing need to return items please let us know.
  • We are now accepting requests for Inter-Library Loan! If you have a purchase request for a new publication please contact us. We are also ordering e-books and e-audiobooks so keep an eye on OverDrive or search our catalog for added titles.
  • The conference room is now available for use!!! We are moving library programs back to the conference room attached to the library building.
  • Library restrooms and kitchen area will be available for use by patrons.
  • Public restrooms in the parking lot near the Village Office will be available for use.


Volunteers Needed!

Please email us at this special address to volunteer for any of the moving tasks. Please let us know which date/time/task you are volunteering for and let us know the best way to contact you in case things change – otherwise we will see you when you arrive. Thanks so much!

Yes! We are moving back into the library building! We are so thrilled! As promised, I’m posting that we need some help.

Here’s what we need help we need help with next. We are including physical requirements so that you choose a task that is right for you and your body – we want an injury-free move! :

Number of VolunteersDate & Time rangetaskrequirements
2-310am – 11am Tuesday 6/11/2024help move large shelves on furniture sliders over carpetstrong back and powerful pushing abilities!

Friday 5/24-Saturday 5/25, any time between 10am-5pmhelp us box up books and label the boxes at the JSCPCrequires bending to low shelves or sitting on the floor to load books into boxes
COMPLETED – THANK YOU!Saturday 5/25 10am-noonhelp move boxes of books and other items from the church library to the libraryrequires lifting banker’s boxes full of books
COMPLETED – THANK YOU!Tuesday morning 5/28, 9:30am-11:30 to load, 10:30am-12:30 to unload (approx)Help load or unload furniture onto a truck/trailer (if 1-2 people want to bring a truck to load just boxes of books in to move that would be great too!)Requires lifting at least 50 lbs
COMPLETED – THANK YOU!Tuesday afternoon 5/28 1:30- 3:30Re-shelve children’s picture books and the “new” shelves for adultsRequires unloading boxed books and placing them on low and high shelves
1-210:30am-4:30pm (any time)There is a little bit of shelving left and a few other tasks to help with if you want to drop in. Variety
COMPLETE – THANK YOUThursday morning 9:30-11:30 heavy lifting; 1:30-3:30 shelving books9:30-111:30am Help start to unload the northern storage pod.
1:30-3:30 unpack and shelve books
Morning – requires lifting at least 50 lbs

Afternoon – requires unloading and shelving books from boxes

– shelving children’s books

-Moving boxes of books from the storage unit into the building using dollie
Any time from 10:30am-4:30pmRequires moving books from boxes to shelves.

Requires lifting bankers boxes full of books.

Wow! Thank you volunteers! Moving into the children’s section is as complete as it can be at the moment! We will be adding back in some Library of Things items and a teen room computer and a few other things over the coming week but no need for volunteers at the moment.

The next phase will involve moving into the south portion of the library and completely emptying the storage pods. That will start after the installation of overhead lighting and cleaning the carpet. We will need help with shelving the books in the south end at that point and will put up a schedule.

And once we’ve got everything back together we will call out for items you have been storing for us to be returned. Sorry that has to be the last step, but it will really help reduce the chaos for us – thank you!


We will post here if additional assistance is needed. Thank you!

Thank you to all of those who have helped and offered to help!!!