Public Access Computers


Public Access Computers are provided as a free service through the Village of Jemez Springs.  All patrons, including children visiting the library, are subject to the Library Code of Conduct.

  • Use of public access computers is free.
  • Computer use is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Printing is 10 cents per page.
  • All patrons must sign in at the Librarian’s desk.
  • Respect the 30 minute time limits. If no one is waiting your session will automatically be extended in 10 minute increments.

The computers are configured so that when rebooted all changes are erased and everything is reset to a default configuration. This means nothing can be permanently saved to the hard drives, including viruses or other malware.

Please save your work on a personal USB hard drive (aka memory stick, jump drive or flash drive).  You can also save your files in “cloud” based storage services like Dropbox,, and Google Docs.  Additional public resources can be found here.

Because Internet contents are not controlled or regulated, the library is not responsible for monitoring or validating information obtained from the Internet.

The library is not responsible for any inadvertent exposure of minors or adults to potentially offensive materials on library connections. The library is not responsible for what a minor or adult may access on the internet. While the library does have filters in place and will attempt to prevent children from accessing the internet without a parental permission, the library assumes no responsibility for a minor’s unauthorized access to the internet. Internet access is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Misuse or abuse of library resources may result in loss of Internet and/or library privileges.

When you have finished your computer session please logoff so it is available for the next patron.

Thank you for your cooperation!

* Unfiltered access will be provided upon request by adults for research or any other lawful purpose. Users are expected to show courtesy to other patrons and respect for individual privacy.

In-Library Resources: